Hypertension 1 – Symptoms


The pumping action of the heart creates a pressure and circulates the blood.

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Louella and welcome to my blog site. It’s is a calm evening here in Trinidad, the land of calypso. I want to talk to you about something I so frequently encounter in my family practice: hypertension or high blood pressure. While it is a very common disorder, many people still do not understand the basics of high blood pressure.

Firstly, blood pressure is derived from the pumping action of the heart as it forces blood into large blood vessels. This causes the blood circulate to around our bodies and the force with which  the blood flows is called the blood pressure. Just as we are unable to feel the blood circulating around our bodies, we are unable to feel our blood pressure.

A common myth in Trinidad is that high blood pressure causes neck pain. It would be much more appropriate for persons to think that perhaps they are stressed (or in some cases, have a neck strain) causing tightening of the neck muscles and hence the pain. Stress is a frequent cause of pain to the back of the neck. Knowing this, persons would be less likely to run to have their blood pressure checked (or God forbid, to run to take a blood pressure pill) when a neck pain occurs, and more likely to stop, figure out what is stressing them and come up with solutions.

Had they checked their blood pressure, however, it may very well have been high. But this high blood pressure reading is more likely to be as a result of the stress or pain (or as a result of chronic delinquency in taking their medication) and not the cause of their neck problem. In other words, stress and pain, can both raise your blood pressure temporarily . But they are not the cause of hypertension. If they bothered check, someone who frequently misses his or her high blood pressure medicines is likely to find that their blood pressure is high even when they don’t have a neck pain.

So what really causes hypertension? And what myths about high blood pressure are deceiving you?

Stay tuned, I’ll teach it all. But you got to talk to me!!! Questions and comments. I will give it in bite sizes for you to digest this knowledge and act on it to make healthier choices. Here’s to life! Later!!!