Dr. Louella, The Dancing Doctor



Hi there. I’m Dr. Louella. I am a family doctor from the happy Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

I’ve been practicing medicine, mainly in the community, for the past 16 years. I do private practice as well. Among my certifications are the MBBS, Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine, Masters in Public Health and MCGI (Member of City and Guilds Institute), as well as, certificates in Family Planning and Counselling.

I am very patient oriented and relate rather well to my patients. I teach them, rebuff them, encourage them, listen to them, learn from them. I have a whole lot of fun with them actually. I always make them laugh. I’ve even made them cry. They always say how nice I am and that nobody ever took the time to explain things to them like that before.

For my part, I try my best for them to understand their medical conditions and how to manage them. I also try to make them feel important, that somebody cares and is doing their best for them.  The thanks and blessing I get when they’re leaving are amazing!

Of course, in life there is always a trade off. All this ‘relating’ means I spend longer with my patients, which actually gets me in trouble. But I really can’t do it any other way. Believe me, I try.

Above you see a pic of me in my dance outfit. I am a dancer at my church. I am heavily into spirituality and doing the right thing and having the best and enjoying life (for me all these go hand in hand).

I attend a church that believes in building every facet of a person’s life so we have many groups, seminars, workshops, medical clinics, marches, rallies, concerts, parties, fashion shows. At home and in other Caribbean islands we sensitise people about child, domestic and elder abuse. There is never a dull moment at Flaming Word Ministry!

Of course, back at work, I deal with patients of various religions, ethnicities and orientations. I don’t treat them any differently. I practice respect and expect the same in return. If you are homeless or alcoholic, I’ll give you more respect actually, because I don’t want to offend, even though nobody cares.

So, that’s a bit about me. Welcome to my blog. I have lots of interesting things to say. Better yet, maybe we can dialogue. …This is Dr. Louella! Over and out!!!

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