Hey! It’s me here.


Hey! It’s me, Louella MD. (I look a little different now, lol). I have not posted anything for a very, very long time. I’ve been meaning to restart at the “right” time, but that time never comes, right? So I’m jumping headlong into it today.

So why did I disappear all this time? No fantastic reason, really. It’s just that I did not want to discuss medical topics anymore. I felt disenchanted with my medical career and I wanted to run away from it.

But whoops! I couldn’t go anywhere. I could not get away from medicine. It’s what I do. After twenty plus years of being a family physician, it’s even who I am. And although I don’t know every little detail about every medical thing (I have Google for that), I know a whole lot more than a lot of people so I can share.

I am learning to appreciate that I can use what may seem commonplace to me (that would be medicine) to make a contribution to the world. I love to teach. I love breaking things down for my patients to help them understand their bodies, promote health and manage illness.

But medicine itself is NOT my passion. If I have to describe my passion it would be something like imparting wisdom, knowledge and understanding into others so that they can live their best life. It’s obviously not just dealing with the physical and mental/emotional aspects of persons as I mainly do on work. It is getting into the spiritual aspect of life – helping others to be positive, productive, loving etc. human beings.

So, there I said it! I would like to teach a little bit on medicine and a lot on LIFE. Any TOPICS folks???