Hypertension 2 – Causes


Hello there. This is Dr Louella picking up the discussion where we left off. I must, of course, say a special hello to my peeps in Trinidad and Tobago. In the previous post I discussed about hypertension (high blood pressure) and that it really does not have any symptoms. Blood pressure is the force or pressure the heart gives the blood when it pumps.

Today I would like to touch on what causes high blood pressure. Well our kidneys are what set the level of our blood pressure. In hypertension something in that mechanism goes wrong, they’re still not too sure what, causing our blood pressure to be set at a higher level.

Now normally a person’s blood pressure fluctuates based on their physically activity and the emotional state they are in. This makes sense. When you exercise, your heart beats harder and faster, thus elevating your blood pressure. When you’re in an argument with someone, you find that your heart is pounding. When we are stressed, our blood vessels constrict, increasing the pressure of the blood flowing through it. I have seen people’s blood pressure go through the roof when they’re in extreme pain.

But all of these are temporary states. The body requires more blood to reach the various organs and it does so by increasing the blood pressure. In fact, if our blood pressure does not increase at these times to meet the demands, we would be in all sorts of problems. When the state is removed the person’s blood pressure comes back to normal.

A person whose blood pressure comes back down to normal after a brief period of elevation due to an identifiable cause, does NOT have hypertension. A person whose blood pressure is elevated most of the time when relaxed, does. You can now understand the value of monitoring blood pressure over a period of time and not making a diagnosis based on one reading. Also since emotions and activity affect blood pressure, the value of being relaxed when taking a reading.

I am always in amazement that, in Trinidad at least, medical professionals get so hung up on a person’s blood pressure no matter what the principal complaint. If a person is really sick, they’re going to be stressed and their blood pressure will rise. Treat the illness. I say that in the context that ONE high blood pressure rarely kills. We have enough time to deal with that.

Well, this is Dr Louella, signing out. We have a lot more on this topic but another day. I hope you learned a little something that you can apply to your life and make it better. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Hypertension 2 – Causes


    I now have a clear and precise understanding of what is blood pressure and causes of hypertension.
    I applaud you for this great initiative in sharing critical and important information we all need to know about the human body.

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